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Dartmouth basketball players could become first unionized college athletes

Dartmouth basketball players could become first unionized college athletes
 college athletes

President Sian Bei lock of Dartmouth told CNN on Tuesday that the university will contest the decision.

However, the basketball players at Dartmouth do not receive scholarships, according to the Service Employees International Union, the union that is trying to represent the players. Instead, the players are compensated with things like “room and board for part of the year, equipment, apparel, tickets to both home and road games, footwear, access to nutrition and medical professionals, exclusive use of certain facilities, and academic support.”

 college athletes

The NLRB is now debating for the second time whether or not student athletes qualify as employees for union representation. The last occurrence was during an attempt in 2014 and 2015.to arrange Northwestern University football players.

However, in that instance, the whole NLRB board prevented the vote from taking place. In the end, the NLRB decided that it lacked jurisdiction to hold an election because the labor law governing it only permitted it to examine private-sector workplaces, and the majority of college football programs are housed in state schools. Rather than ruling on whether the football players were employees or not.

The NLRB at the time did not make a determination on “whether team-by-team organizing is never appropriate” or “that it would never assert jurisdiction over a single-team unit,” as the regional director in the current case noted.

 college athletes

Another distinction from the prior instance occurred in 2021 when the The NCAA’s ban on paying student athletes violates antitrust laws, according to a unanimous Supreme Court decision, pave the way for more remuneration.

Numerous college students, including graduate students serving as teaching assistants, work on campus and belong to unions. In reality, thousands of students have voted to join unions, making that one segment of the labor force in the country where union recruitment operations have had the most success in recent years. However, since those students get W-2 forms and paid, it is less doubtful that they work as workers.


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Keiser University Sports Management

Keiser University Sports Management

Keiser University, a private, non-profit institution headquartered in the United States, boasts multiple campuses throughout Florida and a robust online platform offering diverse degree programs. Since its establishment in 1977, the university has been dedicated to delivering career-focused education in fields such as business, healthcare, technology, criminal justice, and more.

Keiser University

Notably, Keiser University has earned recognition for its commitment to accessible education, particularly through its online programs tailored to individuals seeking flexible learning options. With an unwavering dedication to student success and a focus on professional development, Keiser University continues to be a highly regarded institution for higher education.

Sports Management: Definition and Importance

Keiser University

Structured Operations:

Sports management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient and effective organization of sports entities and events, thereby creating a seamless experience for athletes, fans, and stakeholders.

Financial Prudence:

The financial stability of sports organizations is contingent upon effective financial management. Sports management professionals are responsible for handling budgets, sponsorships, ticket sales, and financial planning to ensure stability and foster profitability.

Athlete and Team Advancement:

Sports managers are instrumental in the development of athletes and teams. They provide essential resources, coaching, access to training facilities, and support to enable athletes to reach their full potential and excel at the highest level.

Fan Interaction and Marketing:

Building a robust fan base is essential for the success of sports organizations. Sports managers employ marketing strategies to engage fans, promote events, sell merchandise, and enhance the overall fan experience.

Legal and Ethical Compliance:

Upholding legal and ethical standards is integral to sports management. Professionals in this field ensure strict compliance with rules, regulations, contracts, and ethical norms to maintain the integrity of the sports industry.

Community and Societal Impact:

Sports organizations wield considerable influence on communities. Sports management facilitates community engagement, philanthropic initiatives, and events that contribute to societal well-being and foster social development.

The sports industry generates a plethora of career opportunities, thereby driving economic growth. Sports management professionals actively contribute to this growth by overseeing sports events, managing facilities, leading marketing initiatives, and handling operational aspects.

In conclusion, sports management is a crucial cornerstone of the sports industry, overseeing essential aspects such as operational efficiency, financial sustainability, player and team advancement, fan interaction, legal adherence, community engagement, and overall industry growth. This dynamic field demands a diverse skill set and a genuine passion for both sports and effective management.

Keiser University

Keiser University’s Sports Management Program is a comprehensive academic initiative meticulously crafted to ready students for vibrant careers within the sports industry. Renowned for its dedication to career-focused education, Keiser University provides an extensive curriculum complemented by practical experiences. This approach aims to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge crucial for success in the field of sports management.

Key Features of the Sports Management Program:

Well-Structured Curriculum:

The program boasts a meticulously designed curriculum encompassing key facets of sports management. Students delve into areas such as sports marketing, finance, facility management, event planning, ethics, and sports law, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the essential components within the field.

Hands-On Learning:

Students enrolled in the program gain valuable hands-on learning experiences, with opportunities that may include internships, practical projects, and collaboration with sports organizations. Keiser University’s Sports Management program emphasizes the practical application of theoretical knowledge, providing students with the chance to apply what they learn in real-world settings.

Experienced Faculty:

The program is guided by a team of experienced faculty members who bring a wealth of expertise from the sports industry. Their insights and mentorship play a pivotal role in offering valuable guidance to students throughout their academic journey, ensuring a rich and informed learning experience.

Networking Opportunities:

Keiser University provides students with a platform to network with professionals and alumni within the sports industry. This networking opportunity is a valuable avenue for students to gain insights, explore potential career opportunities, and establish connections that can prove instrumental in their future endeavors. Keiser University’s Sports Management program recognizes the significance of fostering meaningful connections for the benefit of its students.

Career Development Support:

The university is committed to supporting students’ career development by offering assistance with resume building, interview preparation, and facilitating job placement opportunities. In the realm of Keiser University’s Sports Management program, this dedicated support is instrumental in helping students seamlessly transition from academic studies to their desired careers in the dynamic field of sports management.

Focus on Leadership and Management Skills:

The program places a strong emphasis on cultivating robust leadership and management skills, aiming to equip students for managerial roles within sports organizations and success in the competitive sports industry.

Adaptability and Innovation are Key: Recognizing the dynamic nature of the sports industry, the program emphasizes the importance of adaptability and innovation. Graduates are thus well-prepared to navigate the evolving trends and challenges within the field.

In conclusion, Keiser University’s Sports Management Program is a harmonious blend of academic excellence, practical experience, and a dedicated focus on industry-specific skills. The result is a cohort of well-rounded graduates poised to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic and competitive realm of sports management.

Career Prospects in Sports Management

Keiser University

career prospects in Sports Management are diverse and promising, presenting opportunities to work at various levels within the sports industry. Within Keiser University’s Sports Management program, the field’s continual growth is evident, fueled by the rising demand for professionals capable of effectively managing and improving the business aspects of sports organizations. Here are some key career prospects in Sports Management:

Sports Manager/Director:

Overseeing and managing day-to-day operations of sports organizations, including team management, event planning, and facility coordination.

Sports Marketing Specialist:

Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote sports events, teams, and athletes.

Facility Manager:

Managing and maintaining sports facilities, ensuring they meet operational and safety standards.

Athletic Director:

Leading and overseeing athletic programs in educational institutions, managing budgets, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Event Coordinator:

Planning and coordinating sports events, from logistics to marketing and execution.

Sports Agent:

Representing athletes in contract negotiations, endorsements, and other business dealings.

Sports Analyst/Scout:

Analyzing player performance, scouting talent, and providing insights for team decision-making.

Sports Finance Manager:

Handling financial aspects such as budgeting, sponsorships, and financial planning for sports organizations.

Community Relations Manager:

Focusing on community engagement, philanthropy, and building positive relationships between sports organizations and their communities.

Sports Consultant:

Providing expertise and advice on various aspects of sports management to organizations seeking improvement.

The diverse range of career opportunities reflects the multidimensional nature of Sports Management, offering graduates from Keiser University’s program the chance to find a fulfilling and impactful role within this dynamic industry.


Sports Management is a multifaceted discipline that holds a pivotal role in driving the success and growth of the sports industry. Encompassing various aspects such as finance, marketing, event management, and more, its primary objective is to guarantee the efficient functioning and promotion of sports organizations and events. Within Keiser University’s Sports Management program, the significance of this discipline is underscored by its ability to enhance the overall experience for athletes, fans, and stakeholders, simultaneously contributing to the economic and social development of communities.

The importance of Sports Management extends beyond the operational aspects, playing a crucial role in shaping the holistic impact of sports. As the sports industry continually evolves, pursuing a career in Sports Management presents exciting opportunities for individuals who are passionate about both sports and effective management. Such a career not only allows professionals to actively contribute to the success of sports organizations but also positions them at the forefront of an industry that serves as a source of entertainment, community engagement, and societal development.


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Miracle at Levi’s: The Unbelievable Off-The-Helmet Catch

Miracle at Levi's: The Unbelievable Off
Miracle at Levi's: The Unbelievable

Make space! There is company for The Catch and The Helmet Catch. Presenting the Off-The-Helmet Catch, an unlikely yet crucial catch that will go down in NFL playoff history.

In the NFC Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Lions 34–31, and their incredible comeback was sparked by an incredible reception by All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. This catch demonstrated incredible skill, a fortunate break, and maybe even a hint of supernatural intervention.

A ladybug arrived on my shoe before the game, Aiyuk revealed on Fox. “Best of luck, please. God was present for us today.” About six minutes remained in the third quarter when 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy attempted a deep pass to Aiyuk close to the end zone with the team down 24-10. First of all The ball sailed outside of its mark, struck cornerback Kindle Vildor’s right arm, smashed into his facemask, and stuck there. With his arms fully extended, Aiyuk caught the ball and scored a 51-yard reception at the 4-yard line.

George Kittle, the tight end, screamed, “I was like, ‘He caught it?

It was the 49ers’ most important offensive play, to put it simply. Three plays later, Aiyuk took advantage of it with a 6-yard touchdown catch, setting off a frenzy for the 49ers. They responded with a comeback that ranked as the second-largest in their 63-game postseason history, scoring 14 points in four minutes to tie the game at 24-24.

After the game, about two hours later, Aiyuk, having had time to think on the When asked about his reception after seeing a replay on his phone for the first time, he said, “I was surprised.” I have no idea.”

Purdy said, “People can say what they want,” pointing out that the game-shifting completion might have been an interception that changed the game. I took a chance on my buddy, and it turned out well.”

To be clear, neither The capture nor The Helmet Catch can compare to Aiyuk’s capture. But if the 49ers win Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 and break a 28-year drought with a victory over the Chiefs, it will be remembered as a ridiculous catch that gave rise to an absurd plot. The 49ers, ranked first, won an average of 19.2 points throughout their 12 games. in the regular season, then developed into the postseason’s cardiac team of destiny.

Eight days prior, the 49ers had overcome a 24-7 halftime hole to defeat the Packers 24-21 in the divisional round. Now, they were continuing their incredible trip. Williams said it best when he said, “I thought, ‘This is how it’s supposed to be.'” The gods of football are looking down on us.”


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Celtics-Warriors: I am afraid of Stephen Curry

I’m displeased.

Don’t show me the bright side. Please spare me the benefits of education. Above all, please spare me your amazement at Stephen Curry’s amazing shot and “night night” celebration. Because I’m irritated right now. Celtics-Warrior. About eleven minutes have passed since the Celtics’ heartbreaking, post-traumatic stress-inducing, barn burner of a loss that left me and Toto wondering if a twister had transported us back to Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals. I am not, and I will not, be composed. Thus, everyone should prepare for the worst.

I knew the Celtics wanted that game as much as I did based on how tense and awkward they played in the closing minutes. Their Body language gave me the impression that I was reading All Quiet on the Western Front, where troops who had been shell-shocked were fighting for their lives.

I have no idea what has possessed me. This game had regular season significance, and the team was planning a quick road trip to Sacramento to complete the journey. This is a Tuesday night in December, not a postseason series. Thus, I think we should relax.

However, I detest the Warriors. I actually only recall a small portion of NBA history because I’m not that old. And yet, for some reason, the majority of it is the Warriors winning—either the league as a whole, against LeBron James in particular, or—more recently—against the Celtics, who are very special to me.

Celtics-Warriors: I am afraid

It was psychological warfare, this game. The Warriors play in the Western Conference, and since we don’t get to see them very often, I don’t get many opportunities like tonight to think about the existential terror of Steph Curry at his best and how dreadful it is to play against him.

In the fourth quarter, I started to have flashbacks to the 2022 Finals, where Al Horford got scorched. with Jayson Tatum pulling a disappearing act against an alpha he couldn’t even begin to match in drop coverage on a switch.

That fourth quarter had a cosmic oddity about it. There’s no logical explanation that fits what happened. Because most of them were wide open, even if you fault the C’s for settling for threes on what seemed like every time down the floor. In addition, the Celtics missed what appeared to be easy layups; they once missed a field goal despite having three offensive rebounds and multiple clear chances.

No player can match Curry’s raw presence or the way he terrorizes rival players and fans, in the eyes of the fan base. When in his hands, a basketball transforms into a weapon of mass devastation that can end a game on its own with a scorching three-point shot.

Many current players, like Damian Lillard and James Harden in their peak, have tried to emulate Curry’s offensive style. Both of those players have similar outside-the-arc shooting ability—I honestly don’t care about your defense—but none of them has amassed the same body of work as Curry.

That notoriety hangs around his neck like an anaconda. The opposition is scared. not approach too closely out of concern that their heads will be severed, and Curry always takes advantage of this. Each and every time.

Celtics-Warriors: I am afraid

It’s pretty trendy to like Curry, even among Celtics fans my age. Despite constant turmoil, he is totally uncontroversial, has been faithful to his team, and He was surrounded by question marks. Even after the 2022 Finals, many of my friends still claim to be fans of Curry because they can recognize his individual brilliance and admire him for all the magic I just mentioned.

I acknowledge that Curry’s game-winning three-pointer with ten seconds remaining on the shot clock is a unique occasion. The rest of humanity lacks the poise to shoot a three-pointer in overtime against the league’s top team with less than a second remaining on the shot clock, making him the only player on the planet who could have made that shot.

I, however, cannot like someone I fear. When I wrote a column about my second-favorite teams last month, I questioned How people choose which teams to cheer for other than their home team is beyond me; I’ve always found it impossible. Curry holds a comparable place in my thoughts. His greatness is something I acknowledge and embrace, yet he has harmed me too much.

Another chapter in the “Stephen Curry hurts my feelings” story closed on Tuesday night—or, I suppose, Wednesday morning, given that this one started well before the witching hour. The dude continues to be a weapon of mass basketball devastation, which irritates me and makes fun of me. There was really no comparison to what he and the Celtics could accomplish. Though I believe the day will come when I can forgive him, today is not that day. the end of the game. I reserve the right to sleep on this one. Or perhaps it happens today, but it has only been 53 minutes. the conclusion of the match. On this one, I retain the right to go to sleep.


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Nebraska Beats Pitt in Final Four

Nebraska Beats Pitt in Final Four

The volleyball team from Nebraska is one win away from a national title.


NU defeated Pittsburg 25–20, 23–17 on Thursday night in the national semifinals held in Tampa, Florida, thanks to a strong defensive performance. The Huskers have merited a berth in the eleventh national championship game.

With 13 kills, Harper Murray set a match record. Ally Bate horst and Merritt Beason came next, both with eight kills. Bekki Allick hit.571 during the game and led the team with seven blocks.

Pitt finishes 29-5 on the season. Texas will face Nebraska (33-1) in the national championship game on Sunday. The second semifinal on Thursday was won by the Longhorns (27-4) in four sets.

final figures
Photo galleries: 1, 2
transcripts and post-match presser video

Nebraska post-match notes

In his 24 seasons, John Cook has guided Nebraska to eight NCAA Finals. Along with Don Shaw (8 at Stanford) and Russ Rose (10 at Penn State), Cook is the third Division I coach to lead a single institution to eight NCAA Finals. Cook and Shaw are tied for third place with eight NCAA Final visits between them overall.all-time among coaches in Division I.

Nebraska’s season record now stands at 33-1 following the victory. The 33 victories are one less than the 34 wins recorded by the Huskers in 2000, and they tie for the second-most victories for Nebraska in the NCAA era (1981–present).
Nebraska’s record in the NCAA Tournament increased to 130-36 overall. The Huskers are one of just two Division I clubs with 130 NCAA Tournament victories, along with Stanford (138 victories).

NU’s record versus Pittsburgh increased to 14-0 overall, with a 5-0 record during the NCAA Tournament.
In the NCAA Tournament, the Huskers improved to 11-0 all-time versus ACC teams.
As Nebraska’s head coach, John Cook’s record in the NCAA Tournament rose to 89-19. Over his NCAA Tournament career, he improved to 97-24. Cook’s career NCAA Tournament ranking is second-best all-time. Triumphs and one school’s NCAA Tournament victories.
John Cook’s 850th career victory (including his seven seasons at Wisconsin) was celebrated tonight. In the history of NCAA Division I, Cook is just the 14th coach to win 850 games. Along with Chris Poole of Florida State (918) and Mary Wise of Florida (1,045), he is the only active Division I head coach with 850 career victories.

Taking a 2-0 lead, the Huskers defeated Pittsburgh in the first two sets to move to 101-1 in the NCAA Tournament. After winning the opening two sets of a postseason match, Nebraska has won 100 straight.
In the first set, Nebraska had eight blocks. That tally exceeded what the Huskers had amassed in 11 games this season.
On the fiftieth, the Huskers recorded their tenth block. The match’s rally. With 15 blocks in the end, NU recorded its 14th block of the season and its fourth straight game with double-digit kills.
Nebraska’s latest game against Arkansas saw them record 17 blocks in addition to the 15 they had against Pitt. For the first time since back-to-back games against Michigan (15) and Illinois (16) in November of 2014, the Huskers have registered 15 blocks in a row.

With an average of 3.1 blocks per set over her last two matches, Allice currently has 22 blocks.
Together, Allice and teammate middle Andi Jackson scored nine runs on sixteen error-free swings while hitting a combined.563 for the game.
Throughout the game, Merritt Beason had four service aces. Her career high of four aces was tied, her most as a Husker.
With 14 digs throughout the game, Lexi Rodriguez raised her career total to 1,418. On Nebraska’s all-time record of digs, Rodriguez moved up to sixth position by surpassing Kenzie Maloney (1,406) and Jordan Larson (1,410).


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2024 NFL Mock Draft

2024 NFL Mock Draft

Despite another difficult season, the Chicago Bears are expected to choose two players in the top four in 2024, with the No. 1 overall pick guaranteed because of their pre-draft agreement with the Carolina Panthers last year. They will have control over the first round of the draught for the second year in a row. You’re in luck if your squad needs a franchise quarterback, a standout wide receiver, or an elite offensive tackle. It won’t be shocking if a running back, off-ball linebacker, or safety isn’t selected in the first round.

In light of all of that, the following is a revised look at the potential outcomes of the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draught, based on the most recent selection order modification following the outcomes of Week 11:

NFL Mock Draft

In 2024, the Bears will probably have a new coaching staff, and new coaches typically like to choose their own quarterback. If I were in charge of the selection, I would either hold onto it, take the best player available in the draught (Marvin Harrison Jr.), and continue to develop Justin Fields, or I would put it up for auction to the highest bidder (they’ll earn more than they did for the first pick last year). Despite some inconsistencies in his play this year, don’t be shocked if Williams stays here if the new management disagrees.

Arizona Cardinals

Now that he’s fully recovered, Kyler Murray has the financial commitment of the Cardinals for the long haul. The best-case scenario, then, would be to sign Harrison, who would provide Murray with a top-tier receiver to help him fulfil the terms of that enormous contract. Offers from clubs hoping to trade up for whatever quarterback doesn’t go first may tempt them, but it will take a big price to pass on Harrison.

3. New England Patriots

New England Patriots

This is the perfect situation for the Patriots, who are in dire need of a quarterback upgrade over Mac Jones. Maye’s 2023 season has been somewhat of a roller coaster, much like Williams’, but he has the tools to be a franchise passer at the next level. Even with additional skill to add to the offence (both at receiver and in the trenches), New England won’t have a winning quarterback until they do.

Chicago Bears

The Bears spend their other top-five pick to ensure that their new franchise quarterback is well-protected after selecting him at No. 1. The Trojans’ weak offensive line forced Williams to run for his life for the majority of the 2023 season; adding a top-tier left tackle like Fashanu would help make sure that didn’t happen in Chicago.

New York Giants

If the Giants want their quarterback to play up to his new contract agreement, they’ll need a real No. 1 receiver once Daniel Jones is fully healthy. Although Odunze was undervalued before the season began, his outstanding play during the season ought to have him in the top five discussions as one of the draft’s most complete players.

6. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

The Titans need to locate a cornerstone player at left tackle to protect Will Levis and set the tone for the whole offensive line. This offensive line is in serious need of support on all fronts. Alt is as polished and as pro-ready as any player in this draught and would be an immediate boost. He is the son of a player who was selected for the Pro Bowl at the same position.

7. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

The largest need in Washington is on the offensive line, but if this pick comes up, it would be preferable to use it to replace either of the two elite pass rushers—Chase Young or Montez Sweat—that they traded away at the deadline. Getting a strong presence like Latu would be the best play, especially with the top two tackles off the board and the chance to select among this year’s talented class of edge defenders.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have acquired tremendous playmakers for their offence in Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson with their last three first-round picks (all within the top ten picks); yet, they lack a quarterback with the same presence who can fully utilise that supporting group. Daniels wouldn’t have that issue and has been the most explosive player in NCAA football this season.

9. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

The Packers should finally end their ten-year run of not using a first-round pick on an offensive lineman, as 32-year-old David Bakhtaran is finding it difficult to stay healthy. Although Mims missed some time during the season due to an ankle injury, when healthy, he is a powerful player with remarkable athleticism for his large body.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tight end isn’t exactly on the Bucs’ list of needs for the next summer. However, every team needs as many mismatch weapons as they can muster, and Bowers is more than qualified on both sides of the ball. If he is still available, he is a top-five prospect in this class and would be a complete steal.

11. New York Jets

New York Jets

The offensive line needs to be drastically improved, especially at the tackle positions, if the Jets hope to retain Aaron Rodgers healthy for the upcoming campaign. With his ability to play on either side, Latham is a formidable presence in the offensive trenches and instantly improves the Jets’ lineup wherever he lines up.

12. Los Angeles Chargers

 Los Angeles Chargers

When on the field, Joey Boas and Khalil Mack are a formidable duo, but the Chargers may be able to save a significant amount of salary budget room if they let go of Mack in the upcoming summer. In this case, Los Angeles would have the chance to switch Mack out for Turner, another potent edge rusher who is having a fantastic season.

13. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams

There will be a lot of holes to be filled on both sides of the ball if the Rams want to stick with Matthew Stafford for another season. They could use Robinson as the greatest first step in this year’s stacked class and a dynamic edge rusher to capitalise on all the attention opposition offences have to pay Aaron Donald.

14. Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are in desperate need of everything, but without a quarterback, everything is meaningless. The Raiders would still need an upgrade behind centre even if Jimmy Garoppolo was fully recovered, and McCarthy offers a well-rounded skill set that includes accuracy, efficiency, and an underappreciated ability to make plays as a runner.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts will need a legitimate No. 1 receiver to take Michael Pittman Jr.’s place if they are unable to sign a long-term agreement or use the franchise tag. With his remarkable mix of size, athleticism, and leaping ability, Coleman would be the ideal choice and a steal this late in the first round.

16. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

The Broncos could use an upgrade on the other side of the field, even if they already have Patrick Sustain II, one of the greatest young corners in the NFL. McKinstry is one of the class’s most explosive return specialists, and he possesses all the physical attributes necessary to be a shutdown artist at the highest level.

17. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

It’s possible for the Bengals to lose Tee Higgins to free agency, so don’t be shocked if they use this pick to sign a talented pass-catcher to play alongside Jamarr Chase. Nabers is a deft route runner who should have been selected much higher because of his physicality and explosiveness, which turn him into a big-play machine after the catch.

18. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

Although wide receiver and safety are good options here, the Bills should seize the chance to select this year’s top prospect for the defensive interior position to address their need along the interior. Although Newton is a little undersized, his strength and explosiveness allow him to frequently find himself in the opposing backfield.

19. New Orleans Saints

 New Orleans Saints

This offseason, the offensive line needs to be significantly improved if the Saints are to get their money’s worth in return for Derek Carr and maintain his health. Faustino, a strong blocker with remarkable agility and quickness, has lined up at left tackle for the Huskies, but his best position in the NFL is as a great guard.

20. Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins would be better off with a new contract; if not, quarterback might be a possibility. The Vikings’ most pressing requirements, aside from this, are on defence, where they require a fresh batch of young players. Verse has the polished skill set to have an early impact and was receiving preseason buzz ranking in the top five.

21. Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)

With Harrison selected as the top pick overall, the Cardinals can now turn things around and add a talented playmaker to their defence. Wiggins is the perfect height and length for the role, and he has a penchant for creating big plays whenever the ball comes in contact with him.

22. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ need for a strong interior presence on defence was met by trading for Leonard Williams, but they still need an impact player on the edge who can produce on all three downs. With his perfect skill set, Tuimoloau is a complete player who can defend both the run and the pass.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers still need a player with a similar presence opposite Joey Porter Jr., who already has the appearance of a future great. As good as any corner in the nation this season—including teammate Kool-Aid McKinstry—Arnold is one of this class’s fastest-rising talents, and playing in Nick Saban’s defence will help him get ready for the NFL.

24. Houston Texans (from CLE)

Tank Dell and Nico Collins make for a formidable receiving combo for C.J. Stroud already, so why not add another weapon to the mix? Injury has restricted Egbuka’s play this season, but when healthy, he’s a skilled pass-catcher who consistently creates separation and executes quick routes—a valuable asset for any rookie quarterback.

25. Miami Dolphins

Since Terron Armstead has experienced injury problems and will turn 33 in July, Miami should make it a top priority to locate a suitable left tackle successor during the offseason. Paul has the most potential of any offensive lineman in this class thanks to his mix of size, length, strength, and quickness.

26. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ main goal should still be to strengthen the offensive line since this club will carry on without Dak Prescott. Being able to play any of the five spots in the offensive trenches is Barton’s greatest quality. He may project better inside at the next level, but his experience is primarily at tackle.

27. San Francisco 49ers

While San Francisco could certainly use some reinforcements in the secondary, right tackle is by far the most pressing need. This season, Fuaga has outperformed every other offensive lineman in college football, propelling him to the top of the draught board. For the 49ers, he would be the ideal blend of value and need.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

DeJean may be the most adaptable player in the whole class, and the Jags could use another playmaker in the secondary. He can line up deep or in the box at safety, outside the slot as a corner, or even at linebacker. In addition, he’s among the nation’s top return specialists. Even though he just recovered from an injury, he is still a fantastic player.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

Never has it been more brutally clear that Patrick Mahomes needs more support at wide receiver, and the Chiefs should have the ideal chance to address that with this year’s stacked class. This season, Thomas is another player who is quickly emerging. He is large, quick, athletic, and most importantly, he can catch the ball.

30. Detroit Lions

Aidan Hutchinson, one of the NFL’s best edge defenders, is already a member of the Lions; yet, they still need a high-impact player to cover the other side of the defensive line. Thanks to a very fruitful season, Braswell has soared up the draught board, and he has all the physical attributes to continue moving up the ladder.

31. Baltimore Ravens

Even though they are now among the greatest teams in the league, the Ravens still have a few critical needs in order to prepare for next season. Corner is at the top of the list because they require more splash plays and more regular play from that group. King has every opportunity to become the first defensive back selected in the first round in the Dittany Lion draught ever.

32. Philadelphia Eagles

With no notable weaknesses in their roster, the Eagles are now the most complete club in the NFL. They will therefore only need to keep adding talent and optimizing their draught position, which calls for selecting from a strong receiver class this year. Legette resembles a young A.J. Brown in terms of his physicality, explosiveness, and thick build.


NFL Mock Draft

33. Devonte Walker, wide receiver, Carolina Panthers, North Carolina

34. Leonard Taylor III of the Arizona Cardinals | DL | Miami (FL)

35. Tyler Guyton of the New England Patriots | Overtime | Oklahoma

36. Braden Trice of the New York Giants | EDGE | Washington

37. Commanders in Washington (from CHI)
Arizona’s Jordan Morgan | OT

38. Denzel Burke, Ohio State’s CB for the Tennessee Titans

39. Commanders in Washington Ja’Tavion Sanders | Texas | TE

Kamren Kitchens of the Green Bay Packers | S | Miami (FL) 40

41. Michael Penix Jr. | QB | Washington, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

42. Green Bay Packers (from New York) Cooper Beebe, an offensive lineman for Kansas State

43. Kamari Lassiter, CB, Los Angeles Chargers | Georgia

44. Bo Nix | QB | Los Angeles Rams | Oregon

45. Josh Elliss of the Atlanta Falcons | EDGE | Utah

46. Barrett Carter, linebacker | Clemson | Las Vegas Raiders

47. Dunai Mitchell of the New Orleans Saints (from DEN)| Texas | WR

Kingsley Suamataia of the Cincinnati Bengals | Overtime | BYU 48

49. Calen Bullock of the Indianapolis Colts | S | USC

50. Ja’Lynn Polk of the Buffalo Bills, WR | Washington

51. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans) LB | Clemson JATRITT TRUTTER Jr.

52. Mason Smith, DL, Minnesota Vikings | LSU

53. The Giants of New York (from SEA)
TCU’s Josh Newton | CB

54. The Pittsburgh Steelers
Oregon’s Troy Franklin, WR

55. Houston Texans | DL | Clemson | Rude Orhorhoro

56. Brandon Dorlus of the Cleveland Browns | DL | Michigan

57. The Dallas Cowboys
Texas’s Xavier Worthy, WR

49ers of San Francisco, 58
Minnesota’s Tyler Nubbin | S

59. Landon Jackson | EDGE | Arkansas | Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami Dolphins, 60
Kris Jenkins | Michigan | DL

61. Kyle Amegadjie of the Kansas City Chiefs | Overtime | Yale

62. Malachi Corley, WR for the Detroit Lions, from Western Kentucky

63. Zach Zinter of the Baltimore Ravens | OL | Michigan

64. Philadelphia T.J. Tampa of the Eagles | CB | Iowa State


NFL Mock Draft

65. Jack Sawyer of the Carolina Panthers | EDGE | Ohio State

66. T’Vondre Sweat, DL, Arizona Cardinals | Texas

67. Ladd McConkey, wide receiver, New England Patriots, Georgia

68. Princely Umanmielen | EDGE | Florida | Chicago Bears

69. The New York Giants
Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State | DL

70. Trey Benson, running back | Florida State, Arizona Cardinals (from TEN)

71. Commanders in Washington: Deferring Cooper | LB | Texas A&M

72. Cedrick Van Pram-Granger, OL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Georgia

73. Andrew Makluba of the New York Jets | S | Clemson

74. UCLA Trojans, Brennen Rice, Wide Receiver

75. The Los Angeles Rams
Carlen Carson of Wake Forest | CB |

76. Quinton Mitchell | CB | Toledo, Atlanta Falcons

77. Treveon Henderson, RB, Green Bay Packers | Ohio State

78. Raiders of Las Vegas
D.J. James, Auburn | CB

79. Ohio State | Cincinnati Bengals | Cade Stover | TE

80.Jabbar Muhammad of the Indianapolis Colts | CB | Washington

Denver Broncos, 81
Player/WR Johnny Wilson of Florida State

82. Packers from Green Bay (from BUF)
Carson Beck, quarterback, Georgia

83. The Seahawks of Seattle (from NO)
Haynes, Christian | OL | Connecticut

84. Jason Marshall Jr. | CB | Florida Lions (from MIN)

85. Zach Frazier | OL | West Virginia | Pittsburgh Steelers

86. Jacob Cowing | WR | Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)

87. Washington State quarterback Cameron Ward of the Seattle Seahawks

Antwan Wells Jr., WR, Cleveland Browns | South Carolina

49ers of San Francisco, 89
Max Melton of Rutgers | CB

90. Ohio State | Jacksonville Jaguars | Donovan Jackson | OL

91. Blake Corum | RB | Michigan | Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City Chiefs, 92
Tyleik Williams, Ohio State | DL

93. Jackson Powers-Johnson of the Detroit Lions | OL | Oregon

94. Danny Corleone of the Baltimore Ravens | DL | Cincinnati

95. Houston Texans (from PHI)
Missouri’s Kris Abrams-Draine | CB

*96. Jermaine Burton of the Jacksonville Jaguars, WR | Alabama

*97. Jackson Foster, Philadelphia Eagles | Overtime | Missouri

*98. 49ers of San Francisco
McMillan, Jalen | Washington, WR

*99. Jayvon Bullard of the Buffalo Bills | S | Georgia

*100. Commanders in Washington (from SF)
UCLA’s Gabriel Murphy | EDGE


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Shedeur Sanders sits out CU Buffs’ finale

Shedeur Sanders sits out CU Buffs’ finale

SALT LAKE CITY: Although Shedeur Sanders, a junior quarterback, was present for the season finale, he was not playing for the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday. Injured after taking a lot of heavy knocks this season, Sanders was out for CU’s 23-17 loss against Utah at Rice-Eccles Stadium. The Buffs decided to bench Sanders in favour of preparing for next season, as CU truly had nothing to play for.

Shedeur Sanders sits out CU Buffs’ finale
Shedeur Sanders sits out CU Buffs’ finale

With a variety of injuries, Sanders missed CU’s previous game—a 56-14 loss at Washington State on November 17—in the first half. After the game, head coach Deion Sanders reported that his son had hurt his ankle in addition to experiencing numbness in his throwing (right) hand. Coach Prime stated on Saturday that he wasn’t sure whether Shedeur would require surgery. Shedeur was replaced by true freshman Ryan Staub, who completed 17 of 24 passes for 195 yards and a touchdown.

Shedeur Sanders, who transferred from Jackson State to CU last winter, completed 298 of 430 passes (69.3%) for 3,230 yards, 27 touchdowns, and just three interceptions as he wrapped off his rookie campaign. In addition to ranking second in touchdown passes, attempts, and completions, Sanders also set single-season school records for throwing yards and completion percentage. With a single-season passer efficiency rating of 151.4, he ranks third in programme history. Trevor Woods, a safety/linebacker, and star receiver Xavier Weaver were both absent from the game for CU. Sources claim that Weaver has been ill with the illness this week, while Woods missed his second consecutive game due to an unspecified injury.

QB Shedeur Sanders of Colorado was not there for the Buffaloes’ season-ending defeat to Utah.

After sustaining arm and ankle injuries during Colorado’s lopsided Week 12 loss to Washington State, the Buffs starter and Deion Sanders’ son departed the game. In his absence, backup quarterback Ryan Staub got the start in the 23-17 loss that brought Colorado’s record to 4-8 overall.

Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders
Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders

Solid start

But from then on, he became comfortable. Coach Prime remarked, “He refocused and he recalibrated himself.” “I’m pleased with Staub. I’m quite pleased with this. youthful dude. I’ve been there for practise every day, so you have no idea the progress he’s made. Thus, it was outstanding. It was outstanding. With 7:31 remaining in the fourth quarter, Staub’s first touchdown pass of his career to Travis Hunter brought the Buffs within one score. Regarding his performance, he remarked, “It builds my confidence for sure.” “My career has involved more football plays, which has helped me become more confident.

No surprises

What more are they going to attempt? What more actions will they take? Simply toss it about forty times? They are not like that. They are a physically strong, acerbic squad that charges straight at you, and that’s exactly what they did. I love the damn coach (Kyle Whittingham) because of this. It’s not difficult to figure him out. You can see he’s headed straight for you. Utah possessed forty-nine minutes and four seconds. The Utes owned the ball for the final 7:31 of the half after an 8:25-long scoring drive in the second half.


Weaver (68), Hunter (58), and Jimmy Horn Jr. (58) were the three Buffs with at least 50 catches for the first time in CU history. .. CU concluded the year 37-of-38 in the red zone after scoring on its lone possession in the area. The Buffs set a new school record with their 97.4% success rate. The peak achieved in 2021 was 93.9%. .. With nine tackles, LaVonta Bentley, Shane Cokes, and Shilo Sanders shared the team lead.


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The International Padel Federation (FIP) reports that as of 2023, there are over 25 million active players in more than

What is Padel?

Padel is a fun, easy-to-play, and highly social sport that combines elements of squash and tennis. Since it is not a power game, it may be played in groups of varying ages and skill levels on an enclosed court that is two thirds the size of a tennis court. It is primarily played in a doubles configuration.
Although you serve underhand and the walls are used in the game, allowing the ball to bounce off them, the rules and scoring are essentially the same as in tennis.
More than six million people play padel in Spain, making it one of the sports with the fastest rate of growth in continental Europe in recent years.

Because the ball strikes near to the hand and body, it’s an easy game for players of all ages and skill levels.
It is rewarding at every level and has a quick learning curve with little focus on power and technical proficiency.
Play is continuous on a smaller enclosed court, so you are never “ball collecting.”
It is incredibly social when played as doubles and is reasonably priced for four players.
fantastic aerobic workout
Padel is always enjoyable and addictive.

Padel tennis is exclusively played as doubles, or two against two, in competition. One against one play is also permitted for training. A rectangular area with dimensions of ten metres wide by twenty metres long, the padel court is often covered in artificial grass. Halfway down the court’s length, a net separates the two sides, just like in tennis. Similar to squash, the court is encircled by walls that are three to four metres high on all sides and may be part of the rally.

A serve “from below” initiates the contest. The ball may only make one contact with the earth. Although volleyballs are permitted, the ball may also bounce off one or more side walls after landing on the court. continued to play. This frequently leads to protracted, thrilling rallies that are a lot of fun. In padel, one rarely witnesses dull baseline duels; instead, one often witnesses serves and volleys, lobs, smashes, and amazing ball changes.

Where Was Padel Invented?

Corcuera allegedly constructed a smaller version that fit exactly half of a tennis double court on his estate because he lacked the necessary space. He also modified the game’s rules to account for the smaller court, delighting friends and acquaintances with his new pastime.

Padel has already made a name for itself as a very well-liked, competitive sport in several Central and South American nations. The triumphant march of Padel tennis to Europe began in South America. To Spain and Portugal first, followed by France, Italy, and Sweden. Padel is Belgium and the Netherlands are also seeing a growth.

Fans and Padel Tennis Boom
Fans and Padel Tennis Boom

For a while now, padel has been the sport with the quickest rate of growth worldwide. Padel is currently the second most popular sport in Spain, behind football. Padel courts are available at publicly run sports centres, some of which contain more than 25 padel courts, and in the many municipal multi-sport facilities. Long ago, a lot of hotel complexes and tennis clubs realised how appealing padel was, so they included it to their menu of sports. There are more than five million players in Spain alone.

Jürgen Klopp, the coach of the Liverpool Football Club, is, incidentally, one of the most well-known padel players. When he first encountered padel a few years back, he was instantly enamored with it. coordinating the setup of two courts at the training facility of his team.

Equipment for Padel

Padel rackets have an elastic surface with perforations and are stingless. Like all sports, prices range from around £60 for a beginner racket to between £80 and £120 for an excellent option for club quality players. The Game 4 Padel Shop sells rackets, and Broxbourne Padel Club members can purchase starter bundles (see the membership page).

Equipment for Padel

Additionally, rackets will be for rent from the bar at the Broxbourne Sports Club. Please arrive early to your scheduled court or group session so that you have time to pick up your racket.

Low compression tennis balls are utilised. These can be purchased from the bar at the Broxbourne Sports Club.

Rules of Padel

Although there are many distinctions between the two games, Padel and tennis use the same scoring system. Similar to squash, shots can be played off the walls of a Padel court. In contrast to tennis, a ball that is served must first bounce once on the ground before being struck from below, or at waist height. Players have two chances to hit into an opponent’s box when they are serving. During a rally, players are still allowed to volley the ball, but if it strikes a wall straight, it is ruled “out.” Similar to squash, players in padel can bounce the ball off a wall on their own half of the court. Similar to tennis, a side wins a set if they win six games and there are at least two games to one; if not, a tie-break determines the set. Games are best-of-three sets affairs.


Standing behind the service queue, serve diagonally. The returner is free to stand anywhere. Like in tennis, there are two serves.

The ball must be bounced by the server before being struck below the waist. The server’s feet are not allowed to touch or cross the service line while serving, and they must remain on the ground with at least one foot planted.

Before the returner hits the ball, it must bounce in the service box across from it.

It is defective if it bounces in the box, strikes the wire mesh fencing and then crosses the service line (on the returner’s side).

Unless the ball contacts the wire mesh fence before to the second bounce, it is a let if it strikes the net and bounces inside the box.


Before the ball hits a wall, it must first bounce on the opponent’s side of the ground.

Players (except from the service return) may volley rather than allow it to bounce.

After the ball has bounced on glass or mesh (on their side), players can strike it to send it back over the net.

To return the ball, players may strike it against the glass (back or side wall) on their side. They might not be able to hit the ball against their side’s mesh.

Similar to a game of tennis, the ball can only be hit and bounced once on your side.

Interesting Investment Opportunities

Since padel courts allow for the fitting of two courts on one surface, a commercial tennis venue can consolidate its turnover and very likely expand it greatly. This also applies to a tennis club’s membership count. Tennis is typically played in pairs. Conversely, pedal is only ever played in fours. Instead of two people playing tennis on the same space after one tennis court is divided into two, or even three, padel courts, eight to twelve people play padel. In this manner, a much higher turnover may be produced in a timely manner. Padel courts typically have floodlights installed as well, allowing for later nighttime play sessions.

The funding sources for Similar to tennis courts, padel courts offer court rentals, instruction, competitions, equipment sales, and sponsors. Nonetheless, there is more advertising space available because the padel court’s exterior sections can also be rented out for commercial purposes. Sponsors find it easier, after all, if their ads are seen.


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British racing green

British racing green
British racing green

Origins of the association

British racing green

Because America, Germany, and France had already claimed the national flag’s red, white, and blue for their 1900 races, respectively, Britain was forced to choose a different colour for their 1902 race. Following Selwyn Edge’s victory in the 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup race for England, it was determined that the 1903 race would take place in the Napier & Son. transpired in Ireland since it was illegal to drive an automobile on a public road in Great Britain at the time. The English Napier cars were painted in shamrock green as a tribute to their Irish guests.
In keeping with these Irish/Napier heritage, many of the original greens used on British racing cars were of a lighter olive, moss, or emerald green. Darker colours became more fashionable as a result, yet in the 1950s, HWM and other teams returned to using brighter greens. Originally restricted to the grandees Épreuves, colour use in motor racing was later standardized by the Fédération Internationale de automobile (FIA) in the Code Sportive International (CSI) for use in all international motor racing events.

International rise to prominence

Before and throughout World War I, Sunbeam—which merged with STD Motors in 1920—was the top British rival in elite international motor racing. Sunbeam racing cars with green liveries won the 1912 Coupe de laoutos, and they were also the first (and last for several decades) British team to win the European 1923 and 1924 saw the Grand Épreuves Grand Prix.
During those races, leading contenders like Henry Seagraves and K.L. Guinness were driving the green Sunbeams. In the 1920s, Bentley automobiles were a huge success at the Le Mans 24-hour races because to their paint treatments that ranged from medium to dark green. The first recorded use of the Bugatti was by British driver William Grover-Williams in the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix. the richest green tint. This shade has become known as British Racing Green.

In motorsports, a country is represented by a team, not a constructor, hence British privateer teams that entered cars built by foreign constructors before the 1968 season, for instance, painted the cars in British racing green. Stirling Moss drove a green Maserati 250F, constructed in Italy and entered by British privateer teams Equip Moss and A.E. Moss, respectively, in three races during the 1954 season.

Sponsorship regulations were relaxed during the 1968 Formula One season as a result of demand from multiple teams, most notably Team Lotus, who desired to utilise the Gold Leaf livery on the Lotus 49 vehicle. Subsequently, Lotus made history by being the first working team to paint their cars in the livery of their sponsors when they made their début in this new livery at the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix (second only to Team Guns ton entering a private Brabham car at the 1968 South African Grand Prix).

For the 1970 season, Formula One was declared exempt from the national colours restriction by the FIA. The once-standard green colour rapidly disappeared, to be replaced by various sponsor liveries. Ever thereafter, this exemption has extended to all race series. Unless legislation specifically require the adoption of national colours.

Modern usage

The iconic greens were introduced back to Formula One in 2000 by Jaguar Racing. However, Red Bull Racing chose their own set of colours when Ford sold this team to them in 2004.

British racing green

Other historically British manufacturers have followed suit ever since. Bentley returned to the Le Mans circuit in 2001, 2002, and 2003, winning with the Bentley Speed 8, which was finished in an extremely dark shade of BRG. Recently, Aston Martin has also entered the endurance racing arena; its DBR9s are painted in a distinctive light BRG. Additionally, in the American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Rocket sports Racing’s Jaguar XK ran in green.

After a 16-year hiatus, the Lotus moniker made a comeback in Formula One in 2010 when the Lotus Racing team’s Lotus T127 car was liveried in dark green and yellow. The new team chose BRG with the intention of “striking an emotional chord with young and old alike and bringing back memories of some of the most famous incidents in the world of auto racing.” Despite being registered in Malaysia, the team is based in Britain.

Because British racing teams have won so many races throughout the years, British Racing Green has become a popular colour option for British sports and luxury cars. British Racing Green was formerly a solid colour, but due to the limited number of solid colours available from contemporary manufacturers, the colour is becoming more and more shiny.

To commemorate the 1960s compact British roadsters (such as the Triumph Spitfire, Austin-Healey Sprite, MG MGB, and Lotus Elan) that served as inspiration for the MX-5, Mazda produced a limited 1991 and 2001 saw the release of the “British Racing Edition” model. The model in question was painted green. A BRG colour option is also available for the modern Mini Hatchback brand, which is owned by BMW and built at their plants in Oxford, Birmingham, and Swinton. This was altered from a fairly muddy dark olive to a lighter metallic green in the 2011 edition.

Owner and founder of Racing Point F1 Team Lawrence Stroll made an investment with Aston Martin in 2020; Racing Point would rebrand as the AMR GP F1 team for the following season. Aston Martin reappeared in the sport as a constructor after 61 years away, and the team announced at the launch of their 2021 vehicle, the AMR21, that they would be sporting the recognisable British racing green as their livery for the 2021 season. 1991 and 2001 saw the release of the “British Racing Edition” model.

Historic paint mixing formulas

Used on Imperial Chemical Industries, Belloc Car Finishes, Jowett Cars 1948–1953, and Colour Mixing Book 1953

White 7%, Black 3%, Middle Brunswick Green (19%), Light Brunswick Green (71%), and British Racing Green (Code 284-8120).
Connaught Green, Codes 284–97: Deep Brunswick Green 40%, Light Brunswick Green 32%, Black 28%, and Yellow Oxide Trace%


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