Man City show how to deal with title pressure at Fulham

LONDON Looking at the Premier League table, it appears that there is a competition for the crown, but on days like today, Manchester City makes it seem more certain.

With two games left in the season, City leads Arsenal by two points going into the final week. So, as an exciting campaign approaches its dramatic conclusion, everything is up for grabs? Most likely not. With their 4-0 victory over Fulham on Saturday, City furthered their march towards a historic fourth consecutive title, further squeezing the life out of the trophy chase.

There should have been some danger in the journey to Craven Cottage—an early start, away from home, against a side with nothing to lose. However, When it comes to winning trophies, Pep Guardiola’s consistently successful team doesn’t play dirty. Now that they have three more points, they can relax and watch Arsenal try to keep up when they visit Manchester United on Sunday.

Arsenal has only triumphed once at Old Trafford in the previous eighteen years, so a loss this weekend will give City the opportunity to secure the title when they visit Tottenham on Tuesday in London. It’s close enough to touch.

After the game, Guardiola remarked, “It was a good performance except for five or ten minutes.” “Go back to Manchester and quickly return to London to play Spurs; we have two games remaining. Now just concentrate on recuperation. We play early, therefore it’s excellent to play now. On Monday we get ready, spend the night at home, and on Tuesday we arrive. Since [Arsenal] suffered a [2-0] loss to Villa on April 14, we control our own fate. That’s what we were Unexpected heroes can occasionally emerge from big events, and Jocko Gvardiol has stood up for City in the last seconds. After scoring twice against Fulham, the 22-year-old defender has now netted four goals in his last five league games. Prior to this, he had not scored a goal in almost a year.

He calmed everyone down against Nottingham Forest two weeks ago by scoring the game’s opening goal, and he did the same here. Making a cut inside from left-back, he took a clever touch past Issa Diep, bounced the ball off Kevin De Bruyne, and finished coolly into the corner. Despite the fact that he is meant to be a defender, that is what €90 million gets you.

“Our winger Jocko scores a fantastic goal after the first long possession with the ball,” Guardiola smiled. Guardiola remained unflappable as the ball struck the net, merely raising his clenched fist to indicate how important the goal was. Inside Craven Cottage, he remained the coolest man, even in the London heat, all dressed in a thick wool sweater.

Because of City’s dominance, Fulham waited over an hour to muster a shot, and Phil Foden doubled the score practically shortly after. Fadden’s calm and precise finish, akin to City’s performance, was the result of Bernardo Silva’s deft move past Antione Robinson and driving run inside for his 25th goal of the season. Only following that goal did Guardiola give himself permission to smile. There will be two additional games similar to this one. By the end of the season, a few more.

Guardiola said, “It appears that they enjoy playing under duress.” Their individualities are intriguing. Gamers who take pleasure in playing under such strain. They know that if they lose, they will not win the Premier League. Just focus on the upcoming game and nothing else. Watch the outcome. Travel to London, do your best, and aim to win the match.

The City supporters behind the goal let out a full Poznan when Gvardiol scored his second from Silva’s cross, which is typically a sign that the game is done and the good times are about to begin. With the score at 3-0, Guardiola started thinking about Spurs and the possibility of a title celebration, dependent on Arsenal’s performance against United. De Bruyne was swiftly replaced, and Erling Haaland and Foden came on board shortly after.

By the end, the intensity of City’s tactics had so demoralized the Fulham supporters that there were audible murmurs from the terraces when the board rose to indicate seven minutes of stoppage time. They were eager for it to end, and who could blame them following Guardiola’s team’s display of merciless efficiency? They were They had every right to want the match to end quickly, and in the ninetieth minute, replacement Julián Álvaro was fouled by Diep, who was sent out after receiving a second yellow card. Diep then converted the penalty.

This was the kind of result that could have sapped Arsenal’s last shred of hope. The players from City walked over to cheer on their supporters when the final whistle blew, and they were greeted with a song of “champions again.” It is difficult to argue for anything different.


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