Dartmouth basketball players could become first unionized college athletes

 college athletes

President Sian Bei lock of Dartmouth told CNN on Tuesday that the university will contest the decision.

However, the basketball players at Dartmouth do not receive scholarships, according to the Service Employees International Union, the union that is trying to represent the players. Instead, the players are compensated with things like “room and board for part of the year, equipment, apparel, tickets to both home and road games, footwear, access to nutrition and medical professionals, exclusive use of certain facilities, and academic support.”

 college athletes

The NLRB is now debating for the second time whether or not student athletes qualify as employees for union representation. The last occurrence was during an attempt in 2014 and 2015.to arrange Northwestern University football players.

However, in that instance, the whole NLRB board prevented the vote from taking place. In the end, the NLRB decided that it lacked jurisdiction to hold an election because the labor law governing it only permitted it to examine private-sector workplaces, and the majority of college football programs are housed in state schools. Rather than ruling on whether the football players were employees or not.

The NLRB at the time did not make a determination on “whether team-by-team organizing is never appropriate” or “that it would never assert jurisdiction over a single-team unit,” as the regional director in the current case noted.

 college athletes

Another distinction from the prior instance occurred in 2021 when the The NCAA’s ban on paying student athletes violates antitrust laws, according to a unanimous Supreme Court decision, pave the way for more remuneration.

Numerous college students, including graduate students serving as teaching assistants, work on campus and belong to unions. In reality, thousands of students have voted to join unions, making that one segment of the labor force in the country where union recruitment operations have had the most success in recent years. However, since those students get W-2 forms and paid, it is less doubtful that they work as workers.


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