2024 NFL Mock Draft

Despite another difficult season, the Chicago Bears are expected to choose two players in the top four in 2024, with the No. 1 overall pick guaranteed because of their pre-draft agreement with the Carolina Panthers last year. They will have control over the first round of the draught for the second year in a row. You’re in luck if your squad needs a franchise quarterback, a standout wide receiver, or an elite offensive tackle. It won’t be shocking if a running back, off-ball linebacker, or safety isn’t selected in the first round.

In light of all of that, the following is a revised look at the potential outcomes of the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draught, based on the most recent selection order modification following the outcomes of Week 11:

NFL Mock Draft

In 2024, the Bears will probably have a new coaching staff, and new coaches typically like to choose their own quarterback. If I were in charge of the selection, I would either hold onto it, take the best player available in the draught (Marvin Harrison Jr.), and continue to develop Justin Fields, or I would put it up for auction to the highest bidder (they’ll earn more than they did for the first pick last year). Despite some inconsistencies in his play this year, don’t be shocked if Williams stays here if the new management disagrees.

Arizona Cardinals

Now that he’s fully recovered, Kyler Murray has the financial commitment of the Cardinals for the long haul. The best-case scenario, then, would be to sign Harrison, who would provide Murray with a top-tier receiver to help him fulfil the terms of that enormous contract. Offers from clubs hoping to trade up for whatever quarterback doesn’t go first may tempt them, but it will take a big price to pass on Harrison.

3. New England Patriots

New England Patriots

This is the perfect situation for the Patriots, who are in dire need of a quarterback upgrade over Mac Jones. Maye’s 2023 season has been somewhat of a roller coaster, much like Williams’, but he has the tools to be a franchise passer at the next level. Even with additional skill to add to the offence (both at receiver and in the trenches), New England won’t have a winning quarterback until they do.

Chicago Bears

The Bears spend their other top-five pick to ensure that their new franchise quarterback is well-protected after selecting him at No. 1. The Trojans’ weak offensive line forced Williams to run for his life for the majority of the 2023 season; adding a top-tier left tackle like Fashanu would help make sure that didn’t happen in Chicago.

New York Giants

If the Giants want their quarterback to play up to his new contract agreement, they’ll need a real No. 1 receiver once Daniel Jones is fully healthy. Although Odunze was undervalued before the season began, his outstanding play during the season ought to have him in the top five discussions as one of the draft’s most complete players.

6. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

The Titans need to locate a cornerstone player at left tackle to protect Will Levis and set the tone for the whole offensive line. This offensive line is in serious need of support on all fronts. Alt is as polished and as pro-ready as any player in this draught and would be an immediate boost. He is the son of a player who was selected for the Pro Bowl at the same position.

7. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

The largest need in Washington is on the offensive line, but if this pick comes up, it would be preferable to use it to replace either of the two elite pass rushers—Chase Young or Montez Sweat—that they traded away at the deadline. Getting a strong presence like Latu would be the best play, especially with the top two tackles off the board and the chance to select among this year’s talented class of edge defenders.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have acquired tremendous playmakers for their offence in Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson with their last three first-round picks (all within the top ten picks); yet, they lack a quarterback with the same presence who can fully utilise that supporting group. Daniels wouldn’t have that issue and has been the most explosive player in NCAA football this season.

9. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

The Packers should finally end their ten-year run of not using a first-round pick on an offensive lineman, as 32-year-old David Bakhtaran is finding it difficult to stay healthy. Although Mims missed some time during the season due to an ankle injury, when healthy, he is a powerful player with remarkable athleticism for his large body.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tight end isn’t exactly on the Bucs’ list of needs for the next summer. However, every team needs as many mismatch weapons as they can muster, and Bowers is more than qualified on both sides of the ball. If he is still available, he is a top-five prospect in this class and would be a complete steal.

11. New York Jets

New York Jets

The offensive line needs to be drastically improved, especially at the tackle positions, if the Jets hope to retain Aaron Rodgers healthy for the upcoming campaign. With his ability to play on either side, Latham is a formidable presence in the offensive trenches and instantly improves the Jets’ lineup wherever he lines up.

12. Los Angeles Chargers

 Los Angeles Chargers

When on the field, Joey Boas and Khalil Mack are a formidable duo, but the Chargers may be able to save a significant amount of salary budget room if they let go of Mack in the upcoming summer. In this case, Los Angeles would have the chance to switch Mack out for Turner, another potent edge rusher who is having a fantastic season.

13. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams

There will be a lot of holes to be filled on both sides of the ball if the Rams want to stick with Matthew Stafford for another season. They could use Robinson as the greatest first step in this year’s stacked class and a dynamic edge rusher to capitalise on all the attention opposition offences have to pay Aaron Donald.

14. Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are in desperate need of everything, but without a quarterback, everything is meaningless. The Raiders would still need an upgrade behind centre even if Jimmy Garoppolo was fully recovered, and McCarthy offers a well-rounded skill set that includes accuracy, efficiency, and an underappreciated ability to make plays as a runner.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts will need a legitimate No. 1 receiver to take Michael Pittman Jr.’s place if they are unable to sign a long-term agreement or use the franchise tag. With his remarkable mix of size, athleticism, and leaping ability, Coleman would be the ideal choice and a steal this late in the first round.

16. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

The Broncos could use an upgrade on the other side of the field, even if they already have Patrick Sustain II, one of the greatest young corners in the NFL. McKinstry is one of the class’s most explosive return specialists, and he possesses all the physical attributes necessary to be a shutdown artist at the highest level.

17. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

It’s possible for the Bengals to lose Tee Higgins to free agency, so don’t be shocked if they use this pick to sign a talented pass-catcher to play alongside Jamarr Chase. Nabers is a deft route runner who should have been selected much higher because of his physicality and explosiveness, which turn him into a big-play machine after the catch.

18. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

Although wide receiver and safety are good options here, the Bills should seize the chance to select this year’s top prospect for the defensive interior position to address their need along the interior. Although Newton is a little undersized, his strength and explosiveness allow him to frequently find himself in the opposing backfield.

19. New Orleans Saints

 New Orleans Saints

This offseason, the offensive line needs to be significantly improved if the Saints are to get their money’s worth in return for Derek Carr and maintain his health. Faustino, a strong blocker with remarkable agility and quickness, has lined up at left tackle for the Huskies, but his best position in the NFL is as a great guard.

20. Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins would be better off with a new contract; if not, quarterback might be a possibility. The Vikings’ most pressing requirements, aside from this, are on defence, where they require a fresh batch of young players. Verse has the polished skill set to have an early impact and was receiving preseason buzz ranking in the top five.

21. Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)

With Harrison selected as the top pick overall, the Cardinals can now turn things around and add a talented playmaker to their defence. Wiggins is the perfect height and length for the role, and he has a penchant for creating big plays whenever the ball comes in contact with him.

22. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ need for a strong interior presence on defence was met by trading for Leonard Williams, but they still need an impact player on the edge who can produce on all three downs. With his perfect skill set, Tuimoloau is a complete player who can defend both the run and the pass.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers still need a player with a similar presence opposite Joey Porter Jr., who already has the appearance of a future great. As good as any corner in the nation this season—including teammate Kool-Aid McKinstry—Arnold is one of this class’s fastest-rising talents, and playing in Nick Saban’s defence will help him get ready for the NFL.

24. Houston Texans (from CLE)

Tank Dell and Nico Collins make for a formidable receiving combo for C.J. Stroud already, so why not add another weapon to the mix? Injury has restricted Egbuka’s play this season, but when healthy, he’s a skilled pass-catcher who consistently creates separation and executes quick routes—a valuable asset for any rookie quarterback.

25. Miami Dolphins

Since Terron Armstead has experienced injury problems and will turn 33 in July, Miami should make it a top priority to locate a suitable left tackle successor during the offseason. Paul has the most potential of any offensive lineman in this class thanks to his mix of size, length, strength, and quickness.

26. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ main goal should still be to strengthen the offensive line since this club will carry on without Dak Prescott. Being able to play any of the five spots in the offensive trenches is Barton’s greatest quality. He may project better inside at the next level, but his experience is primarily at tackle.

27. San Francisco 49ers

While San Francisco could certainly use some reinforcements in the secondary, right tackle is by far the most pressing need. This season, Fuaga has outperformed every other offensive lineman in college football, propelling him to the top of the draught board. For the 49ers, he would be the ideal blend of value and need.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

DeJean may be the most adaptable player in the whole class, and the Jags could use another playmaker in the secondary. He can line up deep or in the box at safety, outside the slot as a corner, or even at linebacker. In addition, he’s among the nation’s top return specialists. Even though he just recovered from an injury, he is still a fantastic player.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

Never has it been more brutally clear that Patrick Mahomes needs more support at wide receiver, and the Chiefs should have the ideal chance to address that with this year’s stacked class. This season, Thomas is another player who is quickly emerging. He is large, quick, athletic, and most importantly, he can catch the ball.

30. Detroit Lions

Aidan Hutchinson, one of the NFL’s best edge defenders, is already a member of the Lions; yet, they still need a high-impact player to cover the other side of the defensive line. Thanks to a very fruitful season, Braswell has soared up the draught board, and he has all the physical attributes to continue moving up the ladder.

31. Baltimore Ravens

Even though they are now among the greatest teams in the league, the Ravens still have a few critical needs in order to prepare for next season. Corner is at the top of the list because they require more splash plays and more regular play from that group. King has every opportunity to become the first defensive back selected in the first round in the Dittany Lion draught ever.

32. Philadelphia Eagles

With no notable weaknesses in their roster, the Eagles are now the most complete club in the NFL. They will therefore only need to keep adding talent and optimizing their draught position, which calls for selecting from a strong receiver class this year. Legette resembles a young A.J. Brown in terms of his physicality, explosiveness, and thick build.


NFL Mock Draft

33. Devonte Walker, wide receiver, Carolina Panthers, North Carolina

34. Leonard Taylor III of the Arizona Cardinals | DL | Miami (FL)

35. Tyler Guyton of the New England Patriots | Overtime | Oklahoma

36. Braden Trice of the New York Giants | EDGE | Washington

37. Commanders in Washington (from CHI)
Arizona’s Jordan Morgan | OT

38. Denzel Burke, Ohio State’s CB for the Tennessee Titans

39. Commanders in Washington Ja’Tavion Sanders | Texas | TE

Kamren Kitchens of the Green Bay Packers | S | Miami (FL) 40

41. Michael Penix Jr. | QB | Washington, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

42. Green Bay Packers (from New York) Cooper Beebe, an offensive lineman for Kansas State

43. Kamari Lassiter, CB, Los Angeles Chargers | Georgia

44. Bo Nix | QB | Los Angeles Rams | Oregon

45. Josh Elliss of the Atlanta Falcons | EDGE | Utah

46. Barrett Carter, linebacker | Clemson | Las Vegas Raiders

47. Dunai Mitchell of the New Orleans Saints (from DEN)| Texas | WR

Kingsley Suamataia of the Cincinnati Bengals | Overtime | BYU 48

49. Calen Bullock of the Indianapolis Colts | S | USC

50. Ja’Lynn Polk of the Buffalo Bills, WR | Washington

51. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans) LB | Clemson JATRITT TRUTTER Jr.

52. Mason Smith, DL, Minnesota Vikings | LSU

53. The Giants of New York (from SEA)
TCU’s Josh Newton | CB

54. The Pittsburgh Steelers
Oregon’s Troy Franklin, WR

55. Houston Texans | DL | Clemson | Rude Orhorhoro

56. Brandon Dorlus of the Cleveland Browns | DL | Michigan

57. The Dallas Cowboys
Texas’s Xavier Worthy, WR

49ers of San Francisco, 58
Minnesota’s Tyler Nubbin | S

59. Landon Jackson | EDGE | Arkansas | Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami Dolphins, 60
Kris Jenkins | Michigan | DL

61. Kyle Amegadjie of the Kansas City Chiefs | Overtime | Yale

62. Malachi Corley, WR for the Detroit Lions, from Western Kentucky

63. Zach Zinter of the Baltimore Ravens | OL | Michigan

64. Philadelphia T.J. Tampa of the Eagles | CB | Iowa State


NFL Mock Draft

65. Jack Sawyer of the Carolina Panthers | EDGE | Ohio State

66. T’Vondre Sweat, DL, Arizona Cardinals | Texas

67. Ladd McConkey, wide receiver, New England Patriots, Georgia

68. Princely Umanmielen | EDGE | Florida | Chicago Bears

69. The New York Giants
Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State | DL

70. Trey Benson, running back | Florida State, Arizona Cardinals (from TEN)

71. Commanders in Washington: Deferring Cooper | LB | Texas A&M

72. Cedrick Van Pram-Granger, OL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Georgia

73. Andrew Makluba of the New York Jets | S | Clemson

74. UCLA Trojans, Brennen Rice, Wide Receiver

75. The Los Angeles Rams
Carlen Carson of Wake Forest | CB |

76. Quinton Mitchell | CB | Toledo, Atlanta Falcons

77. Treveon Henderson, RB, Green Bay Packers | Ohio State

78. Raiders of Las Vegas
D.J. James, Auburn | CB

79. Ohio State | Cincinnati Bengals | Cade Stover | TE

80.Jabbar Muhammad of the Indianapolis Colts | CB | Washington

Denver Broncos, 81
Player/WR Johnny Wilson of Florida State

82. Packers from Green Bay (from BUF)
Carson Beck, quarterback, Georgia

83. The Seahawks of Seattle (from NO)
Haynes, Christian | OL | Connecticut

84. Jason Marshall Jr. | CB | Florida Lions (from MIN)

85. Zach Frazier | OL | West Virginia | Pittsburgh Steelers

86. Jacob Cowing | WR | Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)

87. Washington State quarterback Cameron Ward of the Seattle Seahawks

Antwan Wells Jr., WR, Cleveland Browns | South Carolina

49ers of San Francisco, 89
Max Melton of Rutgers | CB

90. Ohio State | Jacksonville Jaguars | Donovan Jackson | OL

91. Blake Corum | RB | Michigan | Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City Chiefs, 92
Tyleik Williams, Ohio State | DL

93. Jackson Powers-Johnson of the Detroit Lions | OL | Oregon

94. Danny Corleone of the Baltimore Ravens | DL | Cincinnati

95. Houston Texans (from PHI)
Missouri’s Kris Abrams-Draine | CB

*96. Jermaine Burton of the Jacksonville Jaguars, WR | Alabama

*97. Jackson Foster, Philadelphia Eagles | Overtime | Missouri

*98. 49ers of San Francisco
McMillan, Jalen | Washington, WR

*99. Jayvon Bullard of the Buffalo Bills | S | Georgia

*100. Commanders in Washington (from SF)
UCLA’s Gabriel Murphy | EDGE


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