3 Trade Targets for Lakers to Consider Before Rumor Mill Picks Up

For example, the next three players all seem like perfect fits for this championship-chasing team.

Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

He functions somewhat like a jack of all trades, but he obviously knows one very well. His inclusion on the All-Defensive first team the previous season is proof positive of his extraordinary defensive effort. His relentless work ethic and reflexes enable him to stay one step ahead of the opposition, and his 6’5″, 186-pound stature would not betray his versatility.

With Caruso, the trade cost is the sole unanswered matter. Although he is a supporting player, he has the kind of impact that may strengthen any team that needs to win right now. That being said, he may already have double digits on his list of potential suitors.

James and Davis, two of the world’s most gifted players, play for the Lakers. According to NBA.com, they also have the eighth-least effective offence this season.

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

Although those two items don’t seem like they should go together, their existence highlights the shortcomings in the remainder of the roster.

The Lakers might benefit greatly from having a top-tier third option, and Zach LaVine would be fantastic in that capacity. As a major producer of shots and defender, he has some weaknesses, but in Los Angeles, both may be hidden. The Lakers may also assist him in assuming a more finishing position, which would allow his explosive three-point shooting (career 38.2 percent) and defying gravity to be showcased.

Even though Bijan Bogdanović’s calf strain has kept him out of action thus far, this team still appears to be interested in him.

Bojan Bogdanović, Detroit Pistons

The 34-year-old seemed completely out of place on the Pistons, to start. A split makes the most sense for both of them because he’ll leave his prime long before they do. For Detroit’s front office, developing him into an upside-rich prospect or draught asset should be a no-brainer.

Secondly, there shouldn’t be an excessive trade-in fee. He is a good player, but by no means exceptional, and according to Spotrac, he only has a $2 million guaranteed deal for the upcoming season. Potential suitors might simply see him as a one-time rental, with no money exchanged. a premium in this case for an ageing non-star.

At last, his style of play appears to be a perfect fit for this group. The most effective component of his arsenal is undoubtedly his outside shooting (career 39.4%), but he also possesses the size to shoot over lesser opponents and the ball handling ability to go past bigger ones. When L.A.’s stars are on the court, he’d be a valuable safety net, spreading the floor or taking over the offensive when they’re not.


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