Lakers Rumors :L.A. Still Plans To Limit LeBron James

Lakers Rumors

Ham isn’t too concerned about James’s shin problem at the moment, even if it has already forced him to miss one game.

The Lakers coach stated, “I think that once the season starts, nobody is really 100% healthy.” “Everyone has challenges, no matter how big or small. It’s just another thing that he takes care of and treats on a daily basis while adhering to his schedule. If we need to give a specific area a little more attention, so we will. He has, however, been handling it well.

As Jalen Hood-Schifino, a rookie, and Vanderbilt both start to prepare for possible comebacks, the Lakers are coming closer to being healthy. The Lakers should be able to maintain LeBron’s minutes in check if they can get everyone back and find out how to be successful in those non-LeBron minutes.

Sometimes you need to remind folks

James has already put up some very remarkable performances as a result of his minutes, including a career-high 37 points in the Lakers’ most recent victory over the Houston Rockets. LeBron took a jab at those who questioned his decision to come to Los Angeles initially, marking his 109th 30-point performance with the team.

“Because, sometimes, you have to remind people,” LeBron remarked following the victory. “Sometimes you have to remind people that it was my 108th 30-point game with the Lakers,” the graphic stated.


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