Damar Hamlin reveals he was almost unable to return to the NFL

A follow-up medical assessment determined that Hamlin had suffered a heart arrest.

Damar Hamlin

To the relief of his family and teammates, Hamlin regained consciousness four days after the cardiac arrest and was able to speak. His first query concerned the result of the match, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the game.

Hamlin did, however, recognise the difficulties in going into detail about the episode and voiced worry that people may misunderstand and interpret his remarks differently.

He underlined the significance of allowing himself time to absorb the current circumstance before to being discussed by the general audience.

Following a week-long hospital stay, Hamlin proceeded with his recuperation at home and with the Bills. Three and a half months after the heart arrest, in April 2023, he resumed club exercises after being given the all-clear by Bills general manager Brandon Beane.

After the victorious comeback, Hamlin took part in the preseason and made significant tackles against the Indianapolis Colts.

Hamlin made the decision to go back to the field in spite of persistent worries of a recurrence because he understood the importance of demonstrating to himself that he was capable of overcoming trauma.

He returned for the regular season in October, citing it as evidence of his bravery, tenacity, and pride. In an interview with GQ, Hamlin stated that his decision to come back is personal and stems from a desire to live life on his terms, independent of other people’s expectations.

But it wasn’t always certain that he would follow through on this; in fact, the decision to come back was hardly made at all.

“I think even when I said I was coming back, I ain’t know if I still wanted to do it,” he stated.
When it really happens to you, one in a million seems a lot bigger. That’s probably something I’ll carry around with me indefinitely, till I finish playing.

All of us have fleeting bad emotions. Just resist the want to hold on to the bad ones.


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