Moment of the Weekend: Remember the name Marc quee gem

the name Marc quee gem
the name Marc quee gem
the name Marc quee gem

For a brief period of time, And at that point, the crowd starts to cheer louder, just like a football crowd does when it witnesses a miraculous event. Although you may not be the type of player they are accustomed to watching, your size and build give you an explosiveness that ejects spectators’ chairs. and the defence rushing to take shelter. It’s similar to what Carrasco stated, “he doesn’t stand out for his combination play but… he has a power and speed on the run that make him very dangerous when there is space.”

Here, there is room. It was made certain by your perfectly timed run off veteran Oscar de Marcos’ shoulder.

You make your senior football debut as the crowd cheers and defenders follow. You’ve been on for 31 seconds. while you use your left foot to push the ball within the pitch. As Unai Simon of the Athletic and the Spanish national team approaches, you free up your body like Thierry Henry did all those years ago, and with your first shot, you calmly slip it under him.

Your lungs are screaming “Vamoooos, Vamoooos” as you wheel away in wild joy, and a smile on your face feels like it will be permanently inscribed there.

Martinez approaches you following the game and says, “Today you won’t be able to sleep… but enjoy it.”

the name Marc quee gem

You sure seem to be having fun.

You are the reason Club Athletic lost to FC Barcelona (1-0), and you are the reason your team enters El Clasico one point behind its fiercest rivals. You are in charge.

In light of this, after you get home and your adrenaline has finally subsided, you could hear in your brain a variation of what Clive Tyldesley memorably stated about a very different type of young forward a few decades ago as you close your eyes and replay that goal a thousand times. “Remember the name…”

Except that Marc Guiu Paz is your own name in this instance.


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