NFL The Final Word

San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles lose perfect records as CJ Stroud stars once again

NFL The Final Word

San Francisco had only amassed 21 total offensive yards by the start of the game’s last possession. Although it was close, it would have been unfair to the Browns to have won. They merited this triumph, in my opinion. They are a team that might potentially ruin a game a few celebrations once the playoffs begin.

Star players matter, as I’ve stated before in this column.

These Dolphins are incredibly quick, incredibly productive each and every week, and I just think they have everything necessary to make a serious postseason push, including battling spirit.

Stroud turning Texans around

Even though he threw his first interception of the year, CJ Stroud kept up his impressive play and still managed to complete a few touchdown passes.

Player of the Week – Tyreek Hill, wide receiver, Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill is simply nearly impossible to cover when he is on fire, in my opinion. This receiver, who can repeatedly blow the top off a defence, is unlike any I can recall seeing. 163 yards, a touchdown, and six catches.

He not only catches deep passes, but we also see him catch comeback passes of 15 and 20 yards when the defensive backs have dropped 25 to 30 yards into coverage. Tyreek Hill has them running for cover, and few defenses can stop him.

Play of the Week – Adams’ interception against the Eagles

The late Jalen Hurts interception by Tony Adams in the Jets’ victory over the Eagles is the one I’m going with. Because Zach Wilson didn’t seem like he would be able to match the length of the field on third-and-long, the only way I really thought the Jets could win There was a goal in this game to turn the ball over.

Hurts simply needs to avoid the interception when he throws an errant pass that Tony Adams intercepts inside the Philadelphia 10-yard line to help the Jets win the game.

It was a crucial play for New York’s season and exemplified how the defence supported the offence at the beginning of the campaign.

Coach of the Week – Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions, led by Dan Campbell, are now 5-1 and have won 13 of their previous 16. The Lions are currently one of the best teams in the NFL, therefore I believe we should stop referring to them as a charming success story.

With that defence being the worst in the NFL a year ago, you could not have said they won in Tampa Bay with defence. The same may be said of Jared Goff. This group appears to be a real one. They have chemistry, enthusiasm, and belief, and their head coach, Dan Campbell, is the source of all of it. Due to their head coach, the Lions are sitting at the elite table of NFL teams.

On my radar… Desmond Ridder

At the conclusion of a game, how many chances do you want? Every time I watched that game, it seemed like the Atlanta Falcons had the ball back. Washington won 24-16, but they were unable to seal the deal.

Arthur Smith didn’t do much to hide his disappointment as Desmond Ridder threw a poor end zone interception. On the following drive, he turned the ball over on downs, and to end the game, he threw an interception.


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