Giannis-Lillard Bucks Are Deadly

Gaining star guard Damian Lillard obviously elevates the stakes for the Bucks, who arguably have the NBA’s most formidable 1-2 punch with a pair of 30-point scorers.

But knowing that is not the same as asserting that the trade, particularly early on, ensures a smooth ride. It might take some time for this new-look Milwaukee team, led by Adrian Gryphon and featuring two new starters, to figure out how to put certain ideas into practise.

It’s possible that the biggest change—Lillard boosting the offence alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo—won’t take very long. Following their first exhibition game together on Sunday night, the two men agreed that playing next to one another was immediately reassuring. The first couple of plays blitzed and trapped me In reference to the Lakers’ defensive strategy, Lillard quipped, “and the player I’m handing the ball to is Giannis.” “So I say, ‘Uh, we can do this all night.'” You understand what I mean?


The season in question, according to Middleton, “wasn’t always going to be pretty. And we were aware of it. going to have to triumph in a variety of game types. You want a squad that can change up its lineups and players, that’s the kind of team. Because at this level, you can’t win by always playing the same way.


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