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Barcelona’s history includes some of the game’s finest goal scorers donning their historic uniform, and their list of all-time leading goal scorers is a true testament to that accomplishment. But who has previously won this accolade and who is their all-time leading goal scorer?
Lionel Messi, one of the best players to ever step foot on a football pitch, is at the top of Barcelona’s all-time scoring list.

Messi Barcelona
Messi Barcelona

FC Barcelona Working On Lionel Messi January Loan

Messi Barcelona

Another regional daily, El Nacional, claims that Laporta is already working on a potential financing arrangement for the 36-year-old that, if successful, would assist the president in making up for his mistakes from 2021.

Could Lionel Messi return to FC Barcelona on loan in January?

There has been talk of Lionel Messi’s potential return ever since he departed FC Barcelona. His legendary status plays a role in some of it, and our inability to let go of him plays a role in some of it as well. We don’t need to reiterate the fact that the way things ended with Messi at Barcelona was less than ideal because everyone is aware of the financial circumstances that led to the breakup.

He has frequently spoken the transfer to PSG and how it wasn’t what he wanted, but given the financial situation and the hole we had dug for ourselves, it was difficult for him to continue at Barcelona. There were also murmurs about his permanent comeback earlier this summer, but that was again ruled out. due to the budgetary constraints we were experiencing at the time. In order to give Messi a suitable send-off, it was earlier this week announced that Inter Miami and FC Barcelona would play a friendly at some point. But maybe he can say farewell in another way.

Could Lionel Messi return to Barcelona on loan in January?

Messi returning on loan to Inter Miami in January if they don’t make the playoffs is one scenario that has recently been discussed as a possibility. With three games left, they are currently five points short of the playoffs, and Messi’s recent leg injury has diminished their hopes of a late push.


When announcing his tearful departure from the Liga giants in 2021, the Argentine legend was stopped from saying his final farewells on the pitch in Catalunya. Messi left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent since Barca was unable to pay for a contract extension at that time.

Messi Barcelona


Messi Barcelona




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