Inter Miami Messi

Inter Miami Messi
Inter Miami Messi

Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami Move Spells New MLS Era

With his first move outside of Europe during his professional club career, Lionel Messi’s most recent chapter has begun. After leaving French champions Paris Saint-Germain, where he won the Ligue 1 championship in each of his two seasons at the club, the perhaps best player in history will a Major League Soccer player for Inter Miami.

Inter Miami Messi
Inter Miami Messi

We compare Messi today to Messi in the past to see whether Inter Miami is acquiring a player who is still in the prime of his career.

The Barcelona Exit

Inter Miami Messi

Major League Soccer remained a possible destination for Messi even when he left in 2021, but the allure of Paris Saint-Germain and the opportunity to form a three-pronged attack with Neymar and Kylian Mbappé was too much to pass up – and the money wasn’t bad either. Messi was arguably the most prominent player to ever represent Barcelona. His goal total is over three times higher than the next highest player, César Rodriguez (232), and he still leads the club with 778 competitive appearances. He still maintains the club records for the most goals in El Clásico (26), the most goals by a Barcelona player in a single season (73 in 2011–12), and an absurd 48 goals in competitive play “Hat tricks”

Inter Miami Messi

A Messi Time in Paris

Yes, during the course of the two seasons that Messi was with the team, Paris Saint-Germain won both league championships, but so much more was anticipated. It’s not particularly novel for PSG to win the French league. They had won seven of the previous eight Ligue 1 championships before to the arrival of Messi, however they did lose to Lille in 2020–21.

Inter Miami Messi

The result is obvious: PSG missed their goals during the Messi era. Over Messi’s two seasons in France, PSG only managed to win those two league championships; neither the Coupe de France nor the UCL were ever won. It would be unjust to blame Messi alone for the situation. In comparison to his prior success at, his troubles in his first campaign in France were just marginal Barca. The disappointment was audible when records weren’t threatened since everyone anticipated amazing, record-breaking output from Messi.

A rookie season at a top club would yield a very respectable return for any typical forward with 25 goal involvements in 34 games (11 goals, 14 assists), with an average goal or assist per 115 minutes. Messi, however, deviates from the norm. His lowest performance at the club level in 15 years, when he averaged a goal assist every 141 minutes with Barcelona in 2006–07. With barely over 1,500 minutes of experience playing professional football, it was his lowest goal total in a season since 2005–2006.

Inter Miami Messi

Will Leo Messi play again?

Messi took part in Tuesday’s practise, which was attended by Inter Miami’s coach Tata Martino. “We will see in the training if we are running any type of risk and will evaluate if it’s convenient for him to travel or not,” Martino stated.

Did Messi travel with Inter Miami to Chicago?

Messi was absent from Inter Miami’s social media post on Tuesday, which featured pre-flight images of the team. Although it might not be the right response, it might provide some insight on Messi’s availability for the game. Messi skipped Inter Miami’s recent matches against Atlanta and Orlando because he was unable to go.

What else did Inter Miami’s coach say about Messi?

Inter Miami has understandably experienced resentment from ticket holders who are unable to watch Messi play because of his ailment. Messi has missed four of his most recent five games, and Martino has updated the media on his condition every time he is available. If it doesn’t, it will be assumed that I am not the MLS’s top ticket seller today. We are worried about the players, albeit it might have something to do with ticket sales, remarked Martino. “If I speak hurriedly, I make a very serious error. I steer clear of precise times because of this. I appreciate that you want to know the precise times, but I am unable to provide them because I do not have them.

Will Messi join Argentina again for World Cup qualifying?

The last time Messi played was…

On September 7, Messi played his final match with Argentina at full strength, scoring a free kick in the 78th minute to help his team defeat Ecuador 1-0 in Buenos Aires. In the 89th minute, Messi requested to leave the match. On September 20, when Inter Miami played Toronto FC, Messi attempted to participate but departed the game after 37 minutes.

Where does Inter Miami stand in the MLS playoff race?

With four games left, Inter Miami has 33 points in the Eastern Conference standings. While Montreal holds the ninth and final playoff berth with 37 points, Inter Miami is ranked 13th out of 15 teams, just four points behind them.


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