Caitlin Clark’s conversation with Stephen A. Smith

Caitlin Clark's conversation with Stephen A. Smith

Caitlin Clark stays humble about her status but says the sky is the limit for the team

Clark grew up idolising NBA shooter Stephen Curry and WNBA player Maya Moore, and she claimed that she was merely trying to emulate some of their abilities and “be half as effective. Clark was referred to as Curry’s female by Smith. Shapiro, a TV and media mogul, then made light of the possibility that by the time Curry’s professional career is through, Clark might be a man.

“I think we can go undefeated,” Clark said.

Caitlin Clark's conversation with Stephen A. Smith

Caitlin Clark loves her spot as the face of women’s basketball, wants to continue to grow sports for girls

Caitlin Clark's conversation with Stephen A. Smith

People who know you talk about your excellence as a person, not just your greatness as a player, when I talk about you.
She claimed that Clark enjoys that responsibility and always makes an effort to stop and pose for photos and sign autographs.

In order to advance women’s sports in general as well as basketball specifically, Clark said, “I embrace that as something that’s special to me.”

Following up last year’s historic season will be hard, but another is coming

Caitlin Clark's conversation with Stephen A. Smith

The difficulty of getting there and returning was something Clark said she had learned. The knowledge that she wouldn’t be able to practise with her teammates every day was the actual devastating blow, according to Clark. I’m merely stopping to take that all in, she declared.
Lisa Bluder, her head coach, received excellent appreciation from the player for letting her play to her abilities.

“It’s different, and you know, that’s what’s going to make it so fun,” he said in reference to the roster turnover this season. It will be,” she added another storied campaign.

Is this the final season of Caitlin Clark as a Hawkeye?

The hardest choice she will have to make at the conclusion of the season, according to Clark, is that one. She must decide whether to stay for another year or turn pro, leaving her home state and the community that has supported and helped her become a star.
Before Smith remarked that this year was still in front of the jubilant Hawkeye supporters, the crowd responded with a loud chorus of “One more year!”

With a smile, Clark replied, “I’m just trying to enjoy this year.


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