Rugby Super || رگبی سپر

Rugby Super || رگبی سپر

Rugby football is the collective name for the team sports rugby union and rugby league.

Formerly regarded as variations of rugby football, Canadian football and, to a lesser extent, American football are now rarely referred to as such. Football Canada, the entity in charge of organizing Canadian football, was still referred to as the Canadian Rugby Union more than fifty years after the sport broke away from rugby laws.
Union in 1967.

Rugby Super || رگبی سپر

Although variations of football in which the ball was carried and tossed date to the Middle Ages (see mediaeval football), rugby football first appeared around 1845 at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. As former students continued to play rugby football in other English public schools and throughout the British Empire in the 19th century Use it. Rugby Super || رگبی سپر.


The only administrative differences between rugby league and rugby union existed after the 1895 split in rugby football. As soon as the rugby league regulations were altered to allow for shared football control between the two teams and limit tackle counts to six, two very different varieties of rugby emerged.

Based on the rugby union format, rugby sevens is the Olympic version of the sport. Each team has seven players on the pitch at once during each of the game’s two seven-minute halves. Rugby union-style rules and a similar-sized playing field apply.


Antecedents of rugby

At Rugby School, rugby football was codified, but many of the rugby-playing countries already had football competitions that were equivalent to rugby.

All around Europe and beyond, traditional football forms that resemble rugby are played. Many of these required ball handling and scrummaging arrangements. For instance, indigenous sports included Calcio Fiorentina in central Italy, marn grook in Australia, kemari in Japan, lelo burti in Georgia, Borders Jeddart Ba’ in Scotland, Cornish hurling in Cornwall, caid, a progenitor of Gaelic football, and la soule in France.

Establishment of modern rugby

Rugby Super || رگبی سپر

Both Chile and Portugal will play in their second Rugby World Cup appearances, 16 years after their first appearance in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, respectively.

Host country selection


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