Alabama football || الاباما فٹ بال

Alabama football || الاباما فٹ بال

For coaches, full can dour is rarely a good idea, therefore the three will not reveal too much.

Below are some observations from Saturday. I’m sure one, if not all, of the coaches for the Crimson Tide will disagree with me.

The two next scrimmages will, in short, be very different from one another, with the exception of the heat. Over the next two weeks, whatever we learned on Saturday might become irrelevant.


On Saturday, there was no progress made, leaving Ty Simpson and Jalen Milroe relatively evenly matched to take over as QB1. Tyler Buchner trailed Milroe and Simpson by a fair distance. One could argue that Dylan Lonergan was the third-best quarterback for the Tide on Saturday.

Wide Receiver

There is a tonne of potential, led by Burton, Brooks, Benson, and Bond, but Bond had a poor drop that prevented Milroe from scoring a touchdown. Wideout has plenty of depth, but the dips…

Offensive Line

Eijah Pritchett started out at left tackle but left the 11v11 practise with what appeared to be an ankle injury. In his place, Kadyn Proctor took over. The players were moved around quite a bit, although Terrence Ferguson II was most commonly changed from left guard to right tackle in the first group JC Latham, Tyler Booker, and Seth McLaughlin.

Defensive Line 

Jaheim Oatis, Justin Eboigbe, Tim Smith, Tim Keenan, Jah-Marien Latham, and Damon Payne made up the first six players in the rotation. James Smith, a freshman, received some accolades.

Outside Linebackers

There was never a deeper bunch of linebackers. In fact, anyplace in college football, not just at Alabama. Jeremiah Alexander was distinctive. Keon Keeley, Yhonzae Pierre, and Qua Russaw are freshmen with the bodies of third-year players. Keeley may be a summer enrollee, but she might have a significant impact this coming autumn.

Inside Linebackers 

Someone will now need to defeat Jihaad Campbell at the Will because Deontae Lawson is the Mike.

Defensive Backs
Running Backs

When Jam Miller recovers from his quad issue, the Tide will have a four-headed running back monster. The winner might turn out to be Justice Haynes.


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