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After Evans’ penalty, Cassidy will start on pole for the first London E-Prix. The “Unlocked” Formula E car set a world record for indoor land speed.

The second thing is that they spoke highly of the way we “built the circus” when we arrived. So, all of a sudden, infrastructure was constructed, and we staged a rather larger event. They might not see things at the (Portland) IndyCar race, but there is music blaring.

The intensity and speed of the race was the third factor that really caught them off guard. We really set a record for the fastest speed ever in a Formula E race, I believe it was around 184-185 mph.

Michael Andretti, who has won three times on that circuit, was there as well. He took the car out for a spin and gushed over how nicely the electric cars handled the course. We were all shocked by how nicely it went and by how warmly the Portland racial community welcomed us.

There are still three openings on the Formula E schedule for season 10 to be filled. While China is being considered, Dodds has at least one more race in mind to supply the expanding North American market.
“There are current negotiations with multiple venues across the world to look at where we would fill those slots from,” he said. “These discussions cover locations on the mainland of China, additional locations in North America, and previously used venues.
That is quite thrilling.
The next year, one of the series’ events is scheduled to take place in Portland, but in my opinion, North America can support more than one event.

Although the location and precise timing of the next round’s confirmation for the United States are yet unknown, the likelihood that it will occur soon is high.

There is a window for us to wrap up talks and secure those three locations, Dodds added. “You’ll know for season 10 by October. I won’t promise it, but if one of those three isn’t another North American location for season 10, I’m sure there will be more North American locations confirmed for season 11.

Most people associate Portland with two of the closest finishes on a road course in Indy car racing history. On the last turn of the last lap in 1986, Michael Andretti lost fuel pressure, which let his father Mario catch up and beat him to the finish line by 0.070 seconds. At It was the closest finish in an Indy car race up until that point. In a three-wide finish in 1997, Mark Blundell beat third-place Raul Bessel by 0.055 seconds and second-place Gil de Ferrand by 0.027 seconds. It was the closest finish ever for a road track race in the CART series, as well as the closest three-car finish ever.

G.I. Joe’s sporting goods and auto parts store served as the race’s title sponsor for virtually all of its life, and the occasion was held during or close to the Portland Rose Festival. The race was frequently held on Father’s Day. Beginning in 2018, Green Savorer Racing Promotions promoted the event, which was held in September over Labour Day weekend.


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