Barbra Banda Zambia || باربرا بندہ زیمبیا

Barbra Banda Zambia || باربرا بندہ زیمبیا

Banda will be crucial to Zambia’s performance at the event, but last year, when she was controversially denied entry to the WAFCON after failing a gender test, she also grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons. The gender test controversy, which was only recently addressed, is charted in the Sporting News along with Banda’s professional history.

Barbra Banda gender test controversy in Africa WAFCON

The African Football Confederation (CAF) conducted the tests, which revealed that Banda’s testosterone levels were higher than those allowed by CAF. Banda and his colleagues who failed the test for identical reasons were offered hormone suppressors, but they turned them down owing to the adverse effects.

The Zambian Football Federation criticized the tests, with a representative telling ESPN at the time that “[the tests] put too much stress on testosterone levels”; despite playing without Banda, Zambia nonetheless performed well and advanced to the competition’s semifinals.

She was nevertheless permitted to compete in the World Cup because FIFA does not impose a “FIFA-specific mandate” on players and instead permits teams to conduct these kinds of gender evaluation tests on their own. She has obviously completed the requirements set down by the Zambian Federation, making her qualified to represent her nation at their first-ever World Cup.

Who is Barbra Banda?

Football player Barbra Banda, 22, is from Zambia and was born in Lusaka, the country’s capital. She was an exceptional boxer and football player who participated in boys football teams as well as amateur and professional boxing, where she won five professional fights Who is Barbra Banda Zambia.

She made the decision to concentrate on football after that, joining the Zambian team Green Buffaloes and making an impression there before joining the Spanish team Logrono.

Where does Barbra Banda play?

Barbra Banda transferred to Chinese team Shanghai Shengli in 2020 after enjoying success in Spain. The team is among the most successful in China, having previously won 10 league championships; however, their most recent championship came in 2014.

Banda continued to put on outstanding performances, which led to rumours that she might join Real Madrid in 2022. Although a great World Cup would put Banda firmly in the shop window of major European clubs, especially given her young age, the move never materialized, and she continued to live in China.

How many goals has Barbra Banda scored?

Barbra Banda enjoyed a highly successful two-year stay in Spain, scoring 16 goals in 28 games to lead her team to 7th and 11th-place places in the league and a placing second in the Copa de la Reina.

She scored 18 league goals in just 13 league games during her debut season in China, and she has maintained this excellent form all the way up to the World Cup, scoring nine goals so far in the 2023 campaign.

Barbra Banda stars at 2020 Olympics

While the game resulted in a crushing loss, her subsequent hat-trick helped her nation earn a point against China in a 4-4 tie, which enabled the team to finish third in their group. She became the highest-scoring African woman at the competition and tied the previous record most goals in an Olympic event.


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