True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے


True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے


The OG 1.2 is designed to comfortably fit genuine feet (up to a 4E) in their breadth. Your toes can expand naturally as a result, which improves grip, comfort, and the health of your feet. You’re going to adore these if you’re sick of forcing your feet into abnormally tapered shoes!



There are 33 joints and 26 bones in your foot. It was intended to be mobile. The OG 1.2 is flexible enough to permit natural foot mobility. These sneakers include no concealed artificial stiffening. The deep heel and readily replaceable inner sole allow for the fitting of personalised orthotics if you need more support.


Golfers should experience a sense of community on the course rather than seclusion. The OG 1.2 does away with overly cushioned soles in favour of a thinner (but still incredibly comfortable) sole that gives you a brand-new perspective on the course.


The OG Tour was created to the exacting performance standards of the TRUE Tour staff and combines TRUE’s recognisable TRUE Original with brand-new, premium construction and materials.

True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

The OG Tour features a distinctive minimalist fit, wide toe box, and zero drop feel by building on the TRUE Original legacy. The OG Tour has maintained its status as a shoe used frequently on Tour because to its naturally enhanced comfort and engineering for walking.

The OG Tour will keep you connected to the ground with optimal balance and traction because it generates more surface contact than any golf shoe in history. With a flexible, ergonomic sole that removes any barriers between you and the turf, you can walk and feel the course like never before.

The Tour now has improved metal logo hits and exotic genuine leather details to take the premium appeal to new heights. It also now uses TRUE’s brand-new Signature Top Grain Napa Leather.The OG Tour boasts our finest feel grip and lateral stability to date thanks to our new Tour Issue, signature PU insert, and Tour tested OG rubber tread.

Wear what our Tour roster laces up in the OG Tour, look fantastic and feel the terrain.


True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

The True Eco Knit golf shoe distinguishes out as a sustainable and effective choice as the golfing community adopts a more environmentally responsible mindset. The Eco Knit, which is made from recycled materials including plastic bottles and fishing nets, demonstrates True’s dedication to reducing its environmental effect. Despite being environmentally friendly, the shoe delivers great performance. With its lightweight construction, the Eco Knit allows golfers to move freely and with agility True Golf Shoes. The cork foot bed, made from sustainable resources, conforms to the shape of your foot to provide you with all-day comfort and support. The True Eco Knit is a real game-changer for golfers who want both performance and sustainability.

True OG Feeling: Enjoy Going Barefoot

Golfers who value a natural and minimalist feel will like the True OG Feel golf shoe’s innovative Barefoot Platform, which improves your ground contact. These shoes have a traditional appearance and are built with excellent full-grain leather to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The zero-drop design of the OG Feel fosters good posture and balance, relieving stress on your body and fostering a fluid swing. The flexible out sole of the shoe adjusts to any surface and offers superb traction and stability. The True OG Feel gives you the opportunity to enjoy golf in its most authentic form, whether you’re strolling the course or making a strong swing.

Sleek Design, True Stealth, and Superior Performance


The brand-new TRUE Lux Hybrid is now available.

True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

Lux models have stood at the very top of TRUE’s collection ever since their debut back in 2020. employing the best, most cutting-edge materials on the market, with an unmistakably appealing design approach, and designed for performance at Tour level.

A development of TRUE’s waterproof knit concept is the new Lux Hybrid. But it goes beyond that. Lux Hybrid was built with a deliberate focus on out of the box comfort, enhanced materials and better tech that feels and performs at the greatest level while still feeling distinctly TRUE. It is superior to its predecessors in every way True Golf Shoes.

The Lux Hybrid is TRUE’s best-performing and most comfortable TOUR shoe to date.


True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

The brand-new LUX Tour is TRUE’s interpretation of the contemporary performance golf shoe, and it was built to the exacting performance standards of TRUE Tour players. The Tour builds on the heritage established by the LUX Pro while showcasing subtle yet important upgrades to the shoe’s design, build, fit, and functionality.

The Tour features TRUE’s brand-new Achilles heel pad and TPU heel stabiliser for next-level comfort and stability right out of the box. It also features an entirely new Signature Top Grain Napa Leather.

This shoe has TRUE’s best feel, grip, and lateral stability to date thanks to updates to the TRUE WANDER LUX mid sole compound and insert, as well as TRUE’s Tour-tested tread. Upgraded metal logo hits and exotic genuine leather embellishments take the luxurious look and feel to new heights.

Wearing the actual model worn by the TRUE Tour lineup, you’ll look great, feel great, and cruise the fairways.


True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

The All Day Knit 3 was created for your active lifestyle, from daily adventures to the links. The Knit 3 was created to be TRUE’s most athletic fit to date and was designed to keep you at ease, stable, and active.

The TRUE Knit 3 was created to keep you wandering, comfortably, whether you’re lacing up for the office, travelling the road less traveled or just finding your drive in the rough. Step up your game and take advantage of the ideal fusion of appearance, functionality, and all-day comfort.


True Golf Shoes || سچے گالف کے جوتے

With the brand-new All Day Rip stop V2 you can go easily from the links to the 19th hole and beyond while improving your game and enhancing your active lifestyle. The Rip stop V2 is designed to keep you moving and was created for the modern golfer. With TRUE’s most dynamic sneaker yet you can enjoy total mobility whether you’re taking on the fairway or going off the main road.

The Rip stop V2 is made to survive the elements, and thanks to its 100% recyclable wind- and water-resistant shell it will keep you warm and dry on chilly, rainy days. In hotter weather, enjoy unmatched comfort and breath ability thanks to the premium wool liner’s capacity to regulate body temperature.

Your appearance will be refreshed thanks to the redesigned design and the all-new All Day V2 sole with non-slip rubber offers unrivaled traction. We can assure you that once you put these on, you won’t want to take them off (they’re a popular in our workplace). With TRUE’s dedication to sustainability built into every fiber elevate your game while embracing unrivaled comfort performance and style.


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