Asia Cup in Pakistan || ایشیا کپ پاکستان میں

Asia Cup in Pakistan || ایشیا کپ پاکستان میں

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will host cricket matches for the Asia Cup in Lahore and Multan in order to prevent travel and logistical issues from cropping up from such a brief international venture. PCB finalise s venues for Asia Cup in Pakistan: sources.

“Lahore, which will be the primary venue in Pakistan, will give Multan a portion of the revenue. We’ve worked very hard to secure a fifth match, and we’re even now negotiating. It is currently a difficult process because the decision was made by the previous PCB administration, a board insider said.

We are also working to develop a rule that would mandate that fans purchase their tickets in US dollars in Sri Lanka. The Asia Cup, where Pakistan is anticipated to play India at least twice, is expected to draw a sizable audience from the subcontinent and other areas of the world. It would be the third time that both clubs faced each other if both bitter rivals made it to the final. For these matches, a sizable contingent of Indian and Pakistani supporters is anticipated, the man stated.

Over the past few weeks, PCB has consistently requested additional information at ICC meetings in accordance with its constitutional entitlement to better comprehend the rationale for giving weights to
each of the criteria and calculating the distributions. The PCB was of the opinion that such a significant decision shouldn’t be made in a hasty manner without the necessary information, calculations, and formulas. The PCB recommended that this topic be postponed until the ICC meeting after that.

The PCB recorded its objection as a matter of principle, but ultimately the majority of members did not think it was possible to defer this item and voted in support of enacting the Model. PCB finalise s venues for Asia Cup in Pakistan: sources.

A meeting between PCB and ACC representatives was conducted on Saturday to finalise the Asia Cup 2023 itinerary.

The final timetable will probably be revealed throughout this week. Since Pakistan will serve as the Asia Cup host and host the opening match, the PCB is looking forward to welcoming cricket fans from around the world to enjoy the country’s well-known hospitality.


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